Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Remi Rebillard

in the photograph        salt water is silver
a young woman is bent over up to her knees
and elbows
she is rising from the water                she is
soft lead          rising out of sun-veined silver water

she will soon
stand to face us

a ragged hat                covers
most of what    has not yet
risen    from the water

a liquid necklace dangles from behind the curled brim
a twisting strand of ocean caught by the camera
swaying in the view between her narrow thighs
pours from her likely translucent                   elastic
milky throat

a spiraling funnel of rain
                        from a leaden girl rising to cloud.



a white dress floats
in the dark mooncut
river                a thin
winter breeze
rustles the hillside
of dry oak leaves

moon-dressed wings
of an owl flare
as they wince through the veil
from another molten realm


perched in the crotch
of a massive sycamore
is this eye buffeted
by the breathing river

this obsidian eye traces
the silent migrations
of clouds
the cloud-like dress


on damp mornings
as the mist and this eye melt
into the threaded mineral dream
this staggered row
of sycamores               stands
like the wrinkled legs
of a mythic white mastodon
occasionally     it appears
the massive head shrouded
and blind.